Three Ways of Dealing with Your Child’s Challenging Behaviours

If you have a child with frequent or severe behavioural difficulties, you no doubt have heard a lot of advice from a lot of different people. It's confusing, conflicting, and overwhelming - not to mention riddled with other peoples' judgment of all of the things you should be doing as a parent. All of the judgment and unsolicited advice-giving from...[ read more ]

New Perspectives in Parenting A Child with Behavioural Difficulties

Parenting a child with behavioural difficulties is challenging, no doubt, and it just doesn't seem like any of the advice you get from your parents, your friends, your child's Teachers, or other professionals is helping. Instead of improving, the behaviour just keeps getting more and more out of control. Ross Greene, Ph.D., is the author of the book, The Explosive...[ read more ]

Encourage Your Child’s Natural Talents

No two kids are the same. You hear this all the time. You know it. You get it. And yet, when it comes to your own children, you still find yourself comparing – are they learning too little, too slowly, or even too much, too quickly (particularly in the case for your pre-teens and teenagers)? Are they learning the “right”...[ read more ]

Your Children Teach You What Truly Matters, If You Are Willing to Listen

Your number one goal as a parent is to keep your kids safe, and teach them all of the hard lessons they will need to know to succeed through the many stages they will go through in life. From infancy, to toddlerhood, through their school years, and into their teens and young adulthood. By the time they reach their late...[ read more ]

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