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Getting Started

If you’re thinking of booking a call, or if you’ve already booked a call to inquire about services for your child, you probably have a lot of questions!

I appreciate you considering me, and I’m also aware that I’m not the right fit for everyone.

There’s no one-size-fits-all in therapy, and I’m no exception! You need to find a therapist that best meets your needs, your goals, and your budget.

Below is some basic information for you to consider and answers to frequently asked questions to help you determine whether our perspectives are aligned before moving forward.

First Things, First

You’re here because there’s something you’ve been wanting to change for a while now.

And you’re ready to move forward in a big way.

But I have to be honest with you…

Those big changes you’re seeking are going to require an investment.

  • Of your time
  • Of your effort
  • Of your resources

I know it’s not what you want to hear, but I value transparency.

And prefer to tell it like it us upfront, so you have realistic expectations for what it will be like working together, rather than to sugar coat things, leading to misunderstandings, disappointments, or frustrations down the road.

Now, you need to know that not every therapist has this opinion.

Or requires the same level of investment of your time, effort, or resources.

I completely understand if another therapist may be a better fit for you.

But, if you’re ready to make this investment a priority, please read below for an understanding of what that looks like if we choose to work together.

Let’s dive straight in and answer one of the first questions I know is on your mind…